Greeley Private Investigator Partnership

We are proud to announce our investigative partnership with EVCO Investigations located in the Greeley / Fort Collins / Loveland Colorado areas. While we here at Copper Investigations offer a full array of PI services in Denver Colorado, to include Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley Private Investigator services, we often partner with specialized companies in the area to enhance our investigative offerings. EVCO Investigations is one of those companies we partner with on a regular basis for criminal investigations, domestic investigations, fraud investigations and surveillance investigations.

Lead Investigator, and founder of EVCO Investigations, John Morris’s Fay’s vast knowledge in these specialized areas, combined with his many years of experience make him an excellent partner for us. We are happy what his company, EVCO Investigations, offers us and or clients. Our thanks go out to John and his company, and we look forward to many great partnership years ahead of us.

Denver Private Investigators in the news

Private Investigator helped in search for Sherri Papini

Who abducted Papini, a wife and mother of two young children, and what was their motive?

For one Bay Area-based private investigator, there’s more than just a curiosity to know who was responsible for Papini’s three-week ordeal.

Cody Salfen, a private investigator based in Campbell, was hired by Papini’s family about one week after she disappeared. Salfen employed two retired FBI agents and a retired police detective to help analyze “all the evidence” in an effort to try and piece together what happened to Papini, and perhaps lead them to the missing woman.


Private Investigator sentenced for ripping off criminal defendants

Robert Evans, 46, held himself out as a private investigator who could help inmates get reduced sentences for criminal cases. Instead, he took their money and never provided the services he promised. Prosecutors wrote in an indictment that he “would play on their desires for reduction in potential sentences, or a reduction in sentences already imposed.”

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Private Investigators in the News

The Heidi Search Center is helping people become private investigators to aid in the search for missing children and adults

The center is holding a series of courses where you can learn how to get certified as a private investigator and then go work as a private eye to help solve cases.

“There are so many missing children every day,” said Sylvia Morfin.

She should know. She lived through that nightmare when her son was missing for a week.

Morfin was fortunate to get him back.

“I got tired of children being taken,” said Morfin who has now made it her mission to help other parents reunite with their lost loved ones.

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Saudi Consulate Hires Private Investigator

The Saudi Consulate in Houston, Texas, has hired a private investigator to gather information related to the death of a University of Wisconsin-Stout student.

Twenty-four-year-old Hussain Al Nahdi died on Oct. 31 after police say he was assaulted on Main Street in downtown Menomonie.

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Private investigator abandons case

The trial date for a man charged in a two-year-old sexual assault case was postponed Monday after the private investigator hired by the defense lawyer reportedly skipped town.

Dakota Q. Knight, 21, was charged in October 2014 with forcible sodomy, a first-degree felony, and on Feb. 1 this year, he entered a plea of not guilty.

Attempts at negotiating a settlement were not successful and in June, a four-day trial was scheduled to begin Nov. 21.

Private Investigators in the News

Private investigator believes  murder suspects have done this before…

Eric Jenkins is the private investigator we spoke with. When we first showed him the video he said he was sure he was dealing with a careered criminal.

“He is one cool customer. He doesn’t seem to be panicked, he doesn’t seem to be nervous and that leads me to believe that this is not the first time that he’s done something like this,” Jenkins said.


Kate Gosselin hires Private Investigator….

Newest police report states that the 41-year-old mom hired a private investigator to follow her ex and monitor his interactions with the children…..

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Cops hire private eye to discredit witness….

Two former high-ranking commanders indicted in the NYPD corruption scandal have hired one of the city’s top private investigators to dig up dirt on the government’s star witness, the Daily News has learned.

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