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Private investigator hired to find missing Scott County woman

Family now hopes questions get answered with the help of private investigator Joe Brodioi.

“There’s got to be a lot of people out there that know exactly what happened. Maybe they won’t talk to law enforcement,” he said.

Investigator Brodioi has been on the case, pro bono, for three weeks and says he was contacted by an organization which helps find missing people.

“I think she probably fell into some foul play there and she’s probably somewhere in that area. It’s sad to say that,” he said.

While Brodioi couldn’t go into much detail, he wants people in Tennessee, even in Kentucky to know that now is the time to reach out to him.

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Private investigator to look into Tyburski death

county judge on Monday approved $1,000 for a private investigator to look for additional evidence in the case of a Lakewood woman accused of killing her daughter and hiding the body in a North Ridgeville field.

Lorain County Common Pleas Judge John Miraldi granted the request after defense attorney Patrick Hakos said Janet Tyburski has given her lawyers new information that police didn’t look into while they were first investigating the death of Rachele Tyburski in 2015.

“She has provided us additional situations and evidence that we’d like to investigate regarding the death of her daughter,” Hakos said.

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