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Ex-Supercop Daril Cinquanta Accused of Spying on Scientology Critic Leah Remini

Daril Cinquanta, one of Colorado’s best-known private investigators, got his close-up recently on the A&E docudrama series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. But his brief cameo was the kind of publicity the former Denver “supercop” would have preferred to avoid — an encounter with Remini’s camera crew outside a local hotel, during which he was accused of conducting surveillance on Remini for the Church of Scientology.


Nebraska woman reunited with Chihuahua after stolen pup turns up in Colorado

Even after her dog had been gone a month, Deb Uden never gave up, and the persistence of Uden, her friends and family paid off.

On Jan. 7 the Hamilton County woman was reunited with her dog Jax, who had been gone for 31 days. The happy reunion took place in Denver. Uden and her son-in-law made the trip to collect the dog, which was taken from her home on Dec. 7.
Both the pet and his owner were thrilled to see each other.
“Oh, yeah, he was a happy boy,” she said. “I told my son-in-law he had to drive all the way home so I could hold” Jax.
The 3-year-old Chihuahua had traveled an unusual path since his abduction.
“He was found roaming on the second floor of a Candlewood Suites in Brighton, Colorado,” she said.
Uden’s friends and family stayed busy checking buy/sell/trade webpages in some surrounding states, including Colorado, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri. Uden also hired a Denver private investigator.

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Colorado man finds biological father through DNA match after decades long search

It started as a romance half-way around the world shortly after WWII. When it ended, there was a baby, but a young mother and father went their separate ways and a son never knew his father, until now.

Ron Frohm is 61 years old. He was born in 1955 to a 17-year-old girl who was living in Japan with her parents. Her father was in the military and stationed there.

Frohm’s mother met a young man in the Navy, but never knew his full name.

“She got pregnant with me, but they didn’t stay together,” said Frohm.

Frohm’s search even included several conversations with private investigators.

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