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Private Investigator helped in search for Sherri Papini

Who abducted Papini, a wife and mother of two young children, and what was their motive?

For one Bay Area-based private investigator, there’s more than just a curiosity to know who was responsible for Papini’s three-week ordeal.

Cody Salfen, a private investigator based in Campbell, was hired by Papini’s family about one week after she disappeared. Salfen employed two retired FBI agents and a retired police detective to help analyze “all the evidence” in an effort to try and piece together what happened to Papini, and perhaps lead them to the missing woman.


Private Investigator sentenced for ripping off criminal defendants

Robert Evans, 46, held himself out as a private investigator who could help inmates get reduced sentences for criminal cases. Instead, he took their money and never provided the services he promised. Prosecutors wrote in an indictment that he “would play on their desires for reduction in potential sentences, or a reduction in sentences already imposed.”

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