Private Investigators in the News

Private investigator believes  murder suspects have done this before…

Eric Jenkins is the private investigator we spoke with. When we first showed him the video he said he was sure he was dealing with a careered criminal.

“He is one cool customer. He doesn’t seem to be panicked, he doesn’t seem to be nervous and that leads me to believe that this is not the first time that he’s done something like this,” Jenkins said.


Kate Gosselin hires Private Investigator….

Newest police report states that the 41-year-old mom hired a private investigator to follow her ex and monitor his interactions with the children…..

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Cops hire private eye to discredit witness….

Two former high-ranking commanders indicted in the NYPD corruption scandal have hired one of the city’s top private investigators to dig up dirt on the government’s star witness, the Daily News has learned.

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